S2E6: How to Pop Pills and Pig Out

We snacked hard. Too hard. All thanks to Munchpak, we traveled the world in food and then follow it up with a good ol' rundown of vitamins. You know what they say - happy stomachs and a well-rounded nutrient routine means a good life... they say that, right?

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The traditional women’s multivitamin has been reimagined with a little help from Ritual. The company is founded on the belief that health should be simple, natural, and effective. With no fillers or artificial ingredients, you know exactly what you’re getting in each capsule - nine essentials to be exact. 

And the price just happens to be right. Instead of going to the store, sorting through brand after brand, juggling three different pills throughout the day, and fighting the unfortunately side effects of typical vitamins (i.e. the stale smell and nausea.), Ritual makes it easy for you. Their monthly subscription delivers 60 capsules right to your doorstep, with no additional shipping and the option to skip at any time. 

#ATS Rating: 4.1/5 because our makeups are not all the same. Who’s to say all nine supplements are essential to each and every woman.If these multivitamins were customizable, then that would be another story.

Hum Nutrition

It's the 21st century, and with that, we should probably start to rethink our beauty routine. Instead of just taking care of our outsides, let's start working on those insides. HUM provides the perfect first step to this with all of their different vitamin options - specifically targeting the areas that will make you feel great... on your skin and on your organs. Okay, that sounded weird. But you get what we mean.

Start your vitamin journey by taking a quick and simple quiz that will reveal what vitamins you should get delivered to you on a regular basis. Personally, we love the Vitamin D, aka Here Comes the Sun. And don't forget that Beauty zzZz to help you sleep better - 'cause we all know we don't get enough of that ever.

#ATS Rating: 5/5 because we couldn't ask for anything more when it comes to a vitamin routine.