S2E8: How to Run Like You Stole Something

How to start running, stick with it, and totally not hate it. With the help of apps like Runkeeper and Strava, it’s easy to get active and get competitive. 

In This Episode


Track your workouts with Runkeeper. Whether you’re training for a race, aiming to beat a personal record, or wanting to get into a new fitness routine, Runkeeper is a great option for beginners and veterans alike. Depending on if you stick with the basic plan or purchase the premium version, the fitness tracking app is outfitted with features like GPS location tracking, personalized training plans, subtle encouragements to get off the couch, audio coaching, and customized run metrics. With an open API and the ability to integrate Runkeeper data with other apps and services, getting active doesn’t get much easier.  


Make your running a social endeavor with Strava. While this app gives you all the stats you’re looking for - distance, pace, time - you can also connect with friends and encourage each other’s progress. In addition, you can log all of your runs in an easy to view map while also being able to search other’s routes. Upgrade to premium if you’re also looking to set goals and track your weekly and annual progress.