S2E5: How To Live That #HairGoals Life

We got pampered. Thanks to companies like Drybar and Function of Beauty, our hair expectations vs hair reality are all sorts of fucked up. The bar has been raised and we will forever be thankful. 

In this Episode


Let’s start off by saying that our lives would have been forever changed for the better had DryBar been around for high school prom. 

Just admit it, no one enjoys styling their own hair over and over, day after day. At some point it gets old and monotonous. And let us just say, if there’s anything better than a good blowout, it’s having someone else do the heavy lifting for us. Drybar is a lifesaver for a girl on the go.

“No cuts. No color. Just blowouts.” Your experience at Drybar is just that - a wash and a style.  Cleverly named after different types of cocktails, the salon offers a menu of styles ranging from effortless and beachy to sleek and smooth.

Function of Beauty

Shampoo and conditioner are not "one size fits all". They should be as unique as you and your hair. To get your own customized products, perfect for every strand of on your head, order from Function of Beauty.

It took years of world-class scientific research along with two MIT-educated engineers to leverage technology, develop proprietary algorithms, and analyze data to create products that are revolutionizing the beauty space. 

You can now pick your own color, scent, and type of shampoo and conditioner to reach all of your hair goals. Best of all? It even says your name on it :)